General House Rules

Proposition Bets

Total bases

Bases are awarded on hits only, as follows:

  • Single = 1 base
  • Double = 2 bases
  • Triple = 3 bases
  • Home Run = 4 bases
Bases are not awarded for any of the following:

  • Walks (including intentional walks)
  • Reaching/advancing on errors
  • Advancing on the throw
  • Reaching on a dropped third strike
  • Stolen bases
  • Hit by pitch
Official MLB (or applicable league) scoring is used (including any plays overturned by video review) and the leagues' decisions are final.

Starting Pitcher Total Strikeouts

This is a bet on the over/under for the total number of strikeouts recorded by a selected starting pitcher.

If the pitcher starts and throws at least one pitch, bets will have action, even if the pitcher is then removed from the game at any point (either due to injury or the coach's decision).


Basketball player props

For individual player props (for example, player X to score over 21.5 points) the player must take the court and play for action. Results are based on the official stats from the game.

NOTE: Regulation time in NBA is 48 minutes, and is 40 minutes for all other leagues (NCAA, WNBA, NBA Summer League, FIBA, and other international leagues unless otherwise specified)


Total Rounds

Total rounds are over/under bets that are based on the number of rounds in the fight that have been completed before a winner is declared. If the number of rounds is set at 2.5. A selection UNDER/LESS than 2.5 means that 2 or fewer rounds would be completed. A selection OVER/MORE than 2.5 means that 3 rounds would need to be completed.

Fight Result - DRAW
If a fight results in a DRAW, all picks that were for MORE 0.5 WINS would be graded as a LOSS. Picks that were LESS 0.5 WINS would be graded as a WIN.

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